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Pennsylvania Chapter of Palatines to America German Genealogy Society







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PA CHAPTER ANNUAL MEETING   Saturday, October 30, 2021                  on ZOOM starting at 1:30 pm E.D.T   

Register in advance at:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information
about joining the meeting.    

Our business meeting starts at 1:30pm EDT …but… join us online at 1:15 pm EDT, to meet Keith Brintzenhoff, PA German singer, musician, linguist, storyteller and all around nice guy. Then after the business portion of the meeting stay for some Pennsylvania Deitsch entertainment and his full presentation about the music and language of our Pennsylvania German ancestors.



2020-2021 Board Members Pennsylvania Chapter Palatine to America

  • President - Janet Rupert                                     Pennsylvania
  • V. President - Diane Nielson                               Maryland
  • Secretary - Charlene Loiseau                             Pennsylvania
  • Treasurer - Lloyd Shenberger                             Texas
  • Membership Registrar - Ken Weaver                 Florida
  • Member-at-Large - Roberta Newcomer              Ohio
  • Member-at-Large - Marcia Dreisbach Falconer  Canada
  • Member-at-Large - Stanley Yon                           Georgia
  • Member-at-Large - Ken Shuck                             DC
  • Newsletter Editor - Marcia Dreisbach Falconer   Canada


The Penn Pal newsletter is a benefit of membership in the Pennsylvania Chapter of Palatines to America.  If you are a member and would like a copy of one of the newsletters, please click below.. We will send you an email with the newsletter as an attachment.  You will need you to include your membership number (if known) or your name as it may appear in our membership records so we can verify your status.  If you are not a member, please consider joining us by going to membership page.


NEWSLETTERS:  outline of contents current newsletters

2021 AUG (VOL 41 NO 3) in this issue. President's Perspective; The Order Matters; Provisional Corrected Intro. to Genealogy of the Meyer Family; About Keith Britzenhoff; Pennsylvania Germans; Members Corner; PA Chapter News; Webmaster needed; PA Chapter Annual Meeting Info; Fall 2021 German General Seminar; 2022 PalAm National Conference; Contact PA Chapter of PalAm

2021 MAY (VOL 41 NO 2) In this issue. President's Perspective; Feature Article: German, Irish, or Canadian? by V. Herte; Land and Tax Records:  A Final Hope by E. Wevodau; In Memory of Annette Burgert; MEMBERS’ CORNER; Johan Daniel Diehl 1713-1761 – Where’s the land? by P. Frey; Tracing the Ancestors of John Stierli, by S.Richards; Letters ; National PalAm Membership Meeting June 5, 2021 at 1:15 pm EDT; Collaborative Learning Series, June 26, 2021 at 1:00 pm EDT.

2021 FEBRUARY (VOL 41 NO 1) In this issue. President's Perspective; What Are Your Interests ; Land Warrants and Patents;  Members' Corner; Court Cases and Information; Charles Horlacher; A Quandary; Letters; VP’s Voice; Making Fastnachts.

2020 DECEMBER (VOL 40 NO 6) in this issue: Keeping a German Christmas Decoration Alive.Christmas Through the Years in Wittgenstein, Germany. Christmas Stollen. Members' Corner - articles wrotten by PA Chapter members. Christmas Cookies. PA Chapter News with President’s Report. Pa Chapter Online, a Questionnaire and Special Thanks.  Contact information

2020 OCTOBER ( VOL 40 NO 5) in this issue: President's Perspective. Books Available to you. Feature Article. Members' Corner.
Civil War Project. Maps of PA 1776-1880.  Activities for PA Chapter. Contact Us.

2020 AUGUST (VOL 40 N0 4) in this issue: The Presidents Perspective; Annual Meeting information and registration; Palam Membership renewal forn; V.P.'s Voice; Members Corner - articles written by PA Chapter members; Palam Award presented to PA Chapter member;

2020 JUNE  (VOL 40 NO 3) in this issue: That Illusive Village of Origin by Joanne Rempler;   My Pennsylvania German (maybe) Genealogy Problem by Gina Moore;   On the Road to Germantown by Ken Weaver;  Visit to the Birthplace of the Moravian Church, Herrnhut, Janet Rupert .

2020 APRIL (VOL 40 NO 2)  in this issue: President's Perspective:  Rudy's Workshop:  The Poor Palatines: Members' Corner: On the Road With Wolfgang Grams   Palam 45th Anniversary:  Comfort food?:

2020 FEB (VOL 40 No 1)   in this issue: Feature article - Die Alde Zeide -Pennsylvania Dutch Houses and Food;   Members' Corner - The Gieg-Kieth Family;The German Society Cemetery.; The Presidents Perspective and the Vice President's report on the member survey.
News from our PALAM National Chapter on the Upcoming Conference June 17-20,-  "Cross the Bridge to Yesterday"

2019 HOLIDAY  (VOL 39  No 5) In this issue: :Story of Austria's song: "Stille Nacht"; The Christmas Tree;  Members' Corner Christmas Stories;  President's Perspective: A Moravian Christmas

2019 FALL SPECIAL (VOL 39 No 4)  In this issue:  CHAPTER UPDATE President's Perspective;  Feature Article: Our PA Chapter Board;  VP's Voice; Members' Corner;  Pa Chapter news; PALAM national new;  PALAM Membership;  PALAM membership renewal form.

2019 FALL (VOL 39 NO 3)   In This issue: Featutre article: "Finding One's Footing in Colonial Pennsylvania",  Feedback from the International German Genealogy Partnership Conference,   Pennsylvania Chapter News,  Registration Form for PALAM Conference, Sept. 13 and 14 in Kutztown, Ohio Chapter Fall Seminar, Oct. 12, Salt Lake City Research Visit, Sept. 15 to 22


2019 SPRING (VOL 39 NO 1)

2018 FALL  (VOL38 NO 2)

2018 SPRING ( VOL 38 NO 1)

2017 FALL (VOL 37 NO 2)

2017 SPRING  (VOL 37 NO 1)

2016 FALL  (VOL 36 NO 2)

2016 SPRING  (VOL 36 NO 1)

2015 FALL  (VOL 35 NO 2)

2015 SPRING  (VOL 35 NO 1)

2014 FALL  (VOL 34 NO 2)

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2013 FALL  ( VOL 33 NO 2)

2013 SPRING  (VOL 33 NO 1)

2012 FALL (VOL 32  NO 3)    2012 VOL 32 NO 1 & 2  and newsletters for 2010 and 2011 are not currently available.  Newsletters for 1978 - 2009 were previusly published on cd.



VISIT THE PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER PALATINES TO AMERICA NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:  Pennsylvania Chapter - Palatines to America - German Genealogy Society  


Pennsylvania Chapter History  Two years after the national society of Palatines to America was established, on October 15, 1977 fourteen people met in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to organize a state chapter.  Because Pennsylvania became home to so many Germanic peoples during the 17th and 18th centuries, it made a great deal of sense to establish a chapter in our state.  The Chapter’s goal was and is to promote research into and documentation of our Pennsylvania German ancestors, and to exchange information about those immigrants, their experiences, and their lives and times.  During the early years of the Chapter, a robust publishing program and biannual conferences supported that mission.  In the 21st century, the internet changed the landscape in ways that group of founders never imagined.  Our mission remains the same, and we continue to look for new ways to achieve it.

The Chapter currently has over 260 members located all around the United States and in at least four foreign countries. If you are not currently a member of the Pennsylvania Chapter, you may join by going to the membership.

The Pennsylvania “Dutch” established predominantly German communities throughout Pennsylvania.  Most people think of Lancaster County, with its strong Amish and Mennonite communities, as an epicenter of German settlements.  The  Lancaster Historical Society and the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society are two good resources for those areas.  The genealogy library at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center in Kutztown, Pennsylvania is an excellent resource for the broader area settled by our Germanic ancestors.

Contact us by E-mail Pa Chapter Palatines to America   

or write to -  Pennsylvania Chapter Palatines to AmericaP.O. Box 21, Bloomsburg, PA 17815