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Research Guidelines - PalAm
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Palatines to America German Genealogy Society
Researching German Speaking Ancestors

Germany, Austria, Alsace, Belgium, Brazil, Italy(South Tyrol), Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Romania, Ukraine

Resource Center / Office
Wed, Thurs. 10 am - 2 pm.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 141260
Columbus, OH 43214

4601 N High St, Suite C, Columbus, OH 43214

Phone: 614-267-4700


Research Guidelines - PalAm

NOTE: The Resource Center may be closed due to snow, sleet and ice in the coming months. If you call, please leave a message. If you plan a visit, please call (614-267-4700) before leaving home.

1. What kinds of resources are found in the Palatines to America Collection?

The following resources are located at the Palatines to America's Resource Center:

25-yr+ collection of members’ pedigree and immigrant ancestor family group charts;

Assorted published family histories;

Thousands of Surname Files of materials from members and non-members;

Unique manuscript collections of United States and European researchers.

The following are housed at the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library 96 S. Grant St., Columbus, OH 43215:

Over 5000 reference works of history, general and ethnic genealogy, immigration/emigration, geography, travel and foreign language topics (US and European publishers);

Over 300 serial titles.


2. How can we access the Palatines to America Collection?

The Palatines to America book and serial titles collections has been donated to the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library, 96 S. Grant St., Columbus, OH 43215, where the collection is available for research. Many of these materials are “reference only” and accessible to the public during the Library’s regular hours of operation, others may be available through Inter-Library Loan. Please check their website at or contact their History and Genealogy Department at (614) 849-1249 for further information.

If you are unable to visit the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library in person, the resources in the Palatines to America Collection can be researched for you through our “Research and Copy Services.” The required form and fee schedule can be downloaded here or requested by email or by USPS mail at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214.

The collections housed at the Resource Center may be viewed during normal office hours  or by appointment. Call (614) 267-4700 for directions.

3. Who may submit a request for research and/or photocopies?

Anyone may submit a “Limited Research Request” or a “Quick-Copy Request.” However, non-members will pay a higher fee for each service. If you are researching several surnames or anticipate making several requests, joining our Society would permit your using these services at the member rate and enjoying other member benefits while saving you money.

For more information about the benefits of membership and a printable membership application, please see our website: or request this information at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214.

4. What types of Requests will the Research Staff accept?

It is important to first confirm that the resources needed to fill your request are available to us. It is possible to determine this by contacting us to discuss your project by email or USPS mail at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214. 

“Quick-Copy Request” Guidelines: A “Quick-Copy Request” should require approximately 30 minutes to process for mailing ten or fewer copies from a single source that the Patron has identified. (Seven or fewer if you live in Canada or Mexico.)

A Surname Check of the Index of the requested source can be done for one surname and copies made of the information found. Please note that U.S. Copyright Law limits copy orders to only one article or similar component per issue of a periodical. If your request involves a few more pages than the initial fee covers, you will be invoiced for the additional copies at $1.00 per page.

“Limited Research Request” Guidelines: Our experienced researchers will spend a minimum of one hour (or more, at their discretion, and dependent upon the availability of information) searching our resources and will then send you a report of findings and suggestions for further research.

This Request is limited to one person or family group. It should focus upon a single specific event or feature of the person’s life, such as his/her birth, marriage, immigration or death. We need a record of some event in his/her life that includes a date and a place. If you have ancestor charts or family group sheets, those are also helpful. Please do not send GEDCOM files or computer disks.

We cannot search for all persons with a certain surname, unless it is a very rare surname within a limited time period and place. If in doubt about whether your Request is appropriate, please contact us in advance through the email or USPS mail at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214.

5. How do I submit a Request?

All Research and Quick-Copy Requests must be submitted with a signed copy of the “Research Services Request Form” available here or on request by email or USPS mail at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214. Payment in the form of a check or money order must accompany all signed “Request Forms” for a “Limited Research Request” or a “Quick-Copy Request.” We may need to contact you if too little background is included.

6. How many Requests may I submit at one time?

One "Limited Research Request" and one "Quick-Copy Request" are permitted in the active file at a time.

7. How soon will I receive the requested materials?

All requests are handled in the order received. A “Quick-Copy Request” is generally processed in 2-4 weeks. A “Limited Research Request” requires an additional step after searching resources of preparing an individual report, possibly 4-8 weeks. If there is a delay, due to a back-up of Requests or fewer researchers available, we will notify you. For status inquiries or any other communications, please contact us by email  or USPS Mail at PO Box 141260, Columbus, OH 43214.