St. Hubertus in Niederscheidweiler, Niederofflingen, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, is a Parish church and supports the Branch church in Oberscheidweiler, Niederofflingen, and Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. The church serves a village community of approximately 270 people located in the Eifel on the edge of the Vulcaneifel; a plateau between the Alf and Sammetbach valleys.

Niederscheidweiler was settled in 893; beginning in 1794 the village was ruled by France until 1814. At that time the village was assigned as part of the Kingdom of Prussia. Since 1946, the village has been part of the state of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

St. Hubertus was named in honor of the patron saint for hunting, fishing, people of the forest, and for the conservation and ethical care of wildlife. The St. Hubertus tower was first built in the 12th or 13th Century, while the main church was extended in 1806 or 1807.

Ancestors of the Pfeifer and Steilen families were parishioners in this church and received spiritual benefits through sacramental blessings. Hand-written ledgers documenting these blessings are in Latin, German or French and are available at the church, diocese office, or other archives. The next two paragraphs on this page reference Pfeifer and Steilen ancestral family records discovered at these locations.

Translation: “On 13 March 1812 was born and baptized on the same day, Joannes Pfeifer, legitimate son of Mattias Pfeifer, farmer, and Angela Bastgen, his wife, from Oberscheidweiler. Witnesses were Joannes Pfeifer, farmer in Hontheim and Maria Eva Hordelmann, from the Mill in Obersheidweiler.”

<1360> Johann Peiffer marriage to Maria Katharina Steilen in Niederofflingen on 18 February 1841. Johann was born in the village of Oberscheidweiler, and Maria Katharina was born in the village of Strotzbusch.


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Photo by Edward J. Pfeifer, 2017.

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