St Paul's Lutheran Church, West Camp NYSt. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Camp, New York was established in 1710 by Rev. Joshua de Kocherthal served 1710-1719. It is the oldest religious society in the town of Saugerties.

Pastor de Kocherthal was accompanied by his wife and three children and other families numbering altogether 41. They left England in the same fleet which brought back Lord Lovelace, the Governor of New York and New Jersey. It was Governor Lovelace who on 20 Feb 1669 confirmed freedom of worship to the Lutherans.

The old church edifice, which was built of logs, was located about an 1/8 of a mile east of the present church. The Lutheran congregation worshiped in this church until about the year 1732, when, in connection with the Dutch Reformed church built a frame church, locating it about 55 feet NE from the NE from the previous church. The present church built in 1871 was built on or near the location of the church in 1711.

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