Steffisburg Church, Bern, SwitzerlandThe Steffisburg Church in Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland was Catholic at one time but became protestant during the reformation. The nearest modern equivalent would be Church of Christ.

The Steffisburg Church was completely restored between 1980-1983. Extensive archaeological remarkably detailed history of the church has been constructed.

The first church was erected in the early Middle Ages, estimated to be 700. Second church built on the same site; estimated about 1000. One wall survives as the present south was of the Steffisburg church. About 1320 a clock tower was added; about 1491 a chapel was built. About 1681 the Romanesque basilica was torn down and a new church was build on the same site. The church standing today is more than 300 years old.

Steffisburg Church by Jacob Samuel Weibel 1771-1846Steffisburg Pfarrhaus und Kirche by Jakob Samuel Weibel (1771-1846)
public domain without restriction by Swiss National Library Prints and Drawings Department

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