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Palatine Immigrant Journal Volume 07 Issue 4 Spring 1982

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• My Search for Illustrious English Ancestors by Carol Wells • Name Swicord Schweikert Swidger by Geart B Droege • Doctor Henry Propst A Colorful German Physician by JK Rouse • Letter from the Anabaptist Community in the Upper Palantinate above Mannheim 1732 (Correction of what was printed in Palatine Immigrant Journal Volume XII #2) • Another Ocean to Cross Genealogical Computing by Paul Arthur Andereck • Brief History of the Freusburg/Fischbach Parish by Angelika Lemmer • Offer Made Offer Taken Passengers on the Ann to Nova Scotia 1750 by Terrence M Punch • The German Ancestry of Thelmanus Weschenbach (Dilman Washabaugh) edited by Anne B Donahy authored by Lindsley Bailey and Stephen Donaghy
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