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Palatine Immigrant Journal Volume 07 Issue 1 Summer 1981

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• Foreign Protestants In Nova Scotia 1750752 by Terrence M Punch • Johannes Heidle's Letters to Germany by Freidrich R Wollmershauser • The Hidley Family In America by Warren F Broderick • Lady Clothilde de Balois Zeller The Little Lady Who Wasn't There by Jane Bottorff • Immigrant Ships by Paul A Darrel • The Little Red-Haired Boy by Dorothy Lavery • Everybody Has Problems by Arta F Johnson • Books for Beginning Genealogy by Dorothy H Paul • Outside Pal-Am Project Reports-the Palatine Families of New York by Hank Jones • The Pennsylvania German Society by Annette Burgert • The Hessian Registry by MA Schwalm
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