Evangelical Church of Langensbold, Darmstadt, Hessen

Evangelical Church of Langensbold, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany was built 1727-1736. It had its 250 year celebration in 1985. The original architect, Michael Faust. Cited by Dr. yoder as the home of Shuford and Leinbach family in Pennsylvania and beyond. Langenselbold is also purportedly the roots of Strausstown, Berks County, Pennsylvania or some of its residents.
--Betty Drum Griffin

Langenselbold is a town in the Main-Kinzig district, in Hesse, Germany. It is situated on the river Kinzig, 10 km east of Hanau. In 2009, the town hosted the 49th Hessentag state festival. It was in existence for 250 years in 1985.

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