Evangelische Church in Michelfeld, AngelbachtalEvangelische Church Michelfeld, Angelbachtal

Evangelische Church in the town of Michelfeld, part of the municipality of Angelbachtal in the Rhein-Neckar Kreis in the Northern Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany.*

This is the home church of Rudicilli/Rudisill family who came to Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The church was built in 1767. The building is a protected monument in the center of the town.. It is the oldest building of the town. In part, this is an excerpt from the article Protestant Chuch (Michel field) of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Surnames on a 1949-1945 Soldiers’ Memorial at this church include Weigel, Mueller, Wolfherd, Keilor, Sebruger, Bender, Linse, Spies, Rembert, Beck among numerous others.

Ancestral church of the Rudicil family.

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