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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new resource designed to help you with your German genealogy research: The German Genealogy Resource Map. This interactive map, developed by IGGP partner representatives Nancy Myers (Ahnenforscher Stammtisch Unna) and Kent Robinson (Palatines to America) enables you to find valuable resources to aid your family history journey.

Easily locate and explore resources in Germany and the United States:

  • Local genealogical societies and groups that specialize in researching German-speaking ancestors
  • Archives, genealogical libraries and historical societies
  • Specific resources hear your ancestor's home village or immigration destination

Simple and User-Friendly:

  • Unique icons and colors make it easy to identify different resource types
  • Click on any icon to see detailed information, including name, location, and contact information

To access the map, click on this link: German Genealogy Map

If you wish to add a link to the map on your own website, we kindly ask that you credit the Genealogy Resources Mapping Project of the Ahnenforscher Stammtisch Unna and Palatines to America.

We hope this map resource will be a helpful tool for German genealogy research, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use way to find archives, genealogical societies, and groups that can aid in your family history journey.

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